Running just10

just10 is a ten-session series to explain the Ten Commandments and their relevance today.

Below you will find a range of resources to help you run just10.


just10 is written for churches, small groups and for personal study. It is a unique and life-transforming resource that benefits Christians and those who would not call themselves Christian.

This series is best run over ten sessions, focusing on one commandment per session. just10 looks at the Ten Commandments in reverse order – starting with the tenth commandment and gradually working through to finish with a challenging final focus on the first commandment with its emphasis on putting God first in every area of our lives.

Available Resources

Use just10 to Start a Conversation

just10 covers a wide range of topics from materialism to parenting, and from theft to idolatry. It can be difficult to start conversations about these topics and so we recommend using our just10: Conversation Starter resources to aid discussion.

just10: Conversation Starter is a free-to-use video resource that highlights the key points of each of the just10 sessions in bitesized chunks. Helpfully divided into two parts with questions at the end of each section, this resource is designed to help you steer meaningful conversation in small to medium-sized groups.

For those leading a group through just10: Conversation Starter, we encourage you to make use of the downloadable Leader’s Guide to help make the most of each session.

Additional Resources
Downloadable Participant’s Journal

just10 – The Full-Length Talks

We are delighted to offer J.John’s full-length just10 talks which were recorded in London with a live audience.

At less than 30-minutes per episode, this version of the just10 series is well-suited to be played in church services and some small groups. The full talks include J.John’s response section at the end of each talk.

The downloadable Church Leader’s Guide is a useful tool to help leaders maximise the opportunity that running a just10 series offers.

just10 – The Book

How can we reclaim the timeless truths of the Ten Commandments and apply them in our world today?

The just10 book is an ideal accompaniment to J.John’s just10 series. Best suited for individual reading to help people go deeper into the principles of each commandment.

Available here.

Promotional Materials

After you’ve decided to run just10, it is important to spend time promoting the series. Use the promotional materials below to encourage people to attend.

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We are delighted to be able to offer our just10 video resources free of charge. If you have benefited from this series, please consider donating to Philo Trust to enable us to continue creating free-to-use resources to encourage the church and reach those outside the church.

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